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Breast Cancer

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Multiple Myeloma

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  • Multiple Myeloma6m 23s

    Bone Targeted Treatments in Multiple Myeloma 2024-03-VD-EM-MMY-07

    Long-term usage of bisphosphonates should be balanced with the potential of possible side-effects. Watch the detailed video on MedEnrich to learn about use of bone targeted agents, its dosage, frequency, optimal usage and limitations.
    bisphosphonates convenient agent bone lesions side-effects
  • Multiple Myeloma4m 12s

    Key Practice Points -Myeloma Related Renal Impairment

    In patients with renal impairment primary goal is improvement of Renal Function which is associated with improved treatment outcomes. 50% of patients present renal impairment and renal impairment is severe in 15% of patients.
    myeloma renal impairment key practice points
  • Myelodysplastic Syndromes7m 3s

    Clinical Application of Web Based Tool for Improving MDS Diagnosis

    Gradient Based Model based on 10 routinely used parameters (Age, Gender, Hb, WBC, MCV, Platelets, Neutrophils, Monocytes, Glucose, Creatinine) is now available to facilitate non-invasive diagnosis of MDS.
    mds non-invasive diagnosis
  • Multiple Myeloma7m 22s

    Using Bone Targeted Therapy in Special Situations in Multiple Myeloma

    Bone targeting agents have different toxicities and rare complications which are dependent on the exposure to the specific treatment. Watch detailed video on MedEnrich on use of bone targeted agent in Multiple Myeloma
    bisphosphonates renal insufficiency hypercalcemia
  • Breast Cancer11m 43s

    Sequencing of treatment for Her2 positive MBC in 2022

    Noteworthy treatment options added in the treatment guidelines for Her2 positive MBC are Trastuzumab Deruxtecan (TDXd) and combination of Trastuzumab + Capecitabine +Tucatinib.
    brain metastases her2 positive mbc trastuzumab deruxtecan tucatinib
  • Prostate Cancer6m 1s

    Androgen Receptor Targeted Therapies in patients with Cardiovascular Co Morbidities

    Referring the patients to cardiologist is an important aspect of managing patients with cardiovascular co-morbidities.
    hypertension cardiac events cardiovascular co-morbidities
  • Myelodysplastic Syndromes8m 45s

    Current Challenges in MDS Diagnosis and Consequences

    Bone marrow examination-based diagnosis of MDS with either biopsy or aspirate remains standard of care but is associated with pain, bleeding, difficulty to use the same in elderly patients and hIgh interobserver variability.
    non invasive mds diagnosis web based mds diagnosis tools
  • Multiple Myeloma8m 23s

    Treatment of High Risk Myeloma Patients

    While treating high risk patients it is critical to address complex biology & maximize the response for individual patients by gaining depth of response & maintaining that response for long duration. To ensure good quality of life patients should hav
    high risk myeloma
  • Critical Care10m 7s

    Choosing appropriate phosphate binders in young Chronic kidney disease (CKD) adult patients on Chronic haemodialysis

    In this video, Dr. Floege talks about how to select the appropriate phosphate binder in a young adult patient with CKD who is on chronic haemodialysis
    chronic kidney disease phosphate binders sevelamer kdigo guideline.
  • Multiple Myeloma10m 19s

    CAR -T cells in Lymphoma

    CAR-T cell therapies are approved for treatment of Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) , Follicular Lymphoma & Mantle Cell Lymphoma.
    car-t cell therapy high risk lymphoma
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