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Modifying Lifestyle to Improve Breast Cancer Survivorship

“Lifestyle changes not only have the potential to decrease breast cancer risk, but also improve...

Prevention and Control
breast cancer body mass index(BMI) lifestyle modifications obesity physical exercise
6 minutes Read

Lifestyle changes Influences Breast Cancer and Prostate ...

“Decreasing the cancer burden is one of the prime global goals, a deeper understanding of the...

Breast Cancer
breast cancer lifestyle changes modifiable risk factors prostate cancer
6 minutes Read

Lenalidomide Maintenance Therapy Improved Progression-free Survival in ...

“Significant improvements were seen in the progression-free survival in newly diagnosed multiple...

Multiple Myeloma
maintenance treatment multiple myeloma myeloma XI overall survival
5 minutes Read

Waiting for Urinary Symptoms to Appear to ...

“There exists no scientific evidence to suggest that troublesome urinary symptoms and/or prostate...

Prostate Cancer
ower urinary tract symptoms(LUTS) prostate cancer screening urinary symptoms
3 minutes Read

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