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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

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Prostate Cancer

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Multiple Myeloma

Multiple Myeloma

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  • Myelodysplastic Syndromes8m 45s

    Current Challenges in MDS Diagnosis and Consequences

    Bone marrow examination-based diagnosis of MDS with either biopsy or aspirate remains standard of care but is associated with pain, bleeding, difficulty to use the same in elderly patients and hIgh interobserver variability.
    non invasive mds diagnosis web based mds diagnosis tools
  • Prostate Cancer7m 0s

    Abiraterone in Metastatic Castration Sensitive Prostate Cancer

    Two Clinical Trials with long term follow up (LATITIDUE 52 Months) & STAMEPDE (72 Months) have confirmed effectiveness of Abiraterone in mHSPC.
    stampede clinical trial latitude clinical trial abiraterone mhspc
  • Myelodysplastic Syndromes31m 24s

    Improving Diagnosis of MDS -Innovative Solutions

    Modern Web -Based digital tools based on 10 routinely used clinical parameters and Gradient Based Model can help in non-invasive diagnosis of MDS.
    mds diagnosis web based diagnosis her2negative mbc
  • Oncology4m 9s

    Cardio Oncology in Prostate Cancer

    Major cardiovascular toxicities associated with the prostate cancer treatment include arrhythmias, atherosclerosis, myocardial Infarction, hypertension & cardiomyopathy. Toxicities vary with the type of agent used in Prostate Cancer Treatment.
    abcde protocol cardio oncology prostate cancer
  • Multiple Myeloma4m 12s

    Key Practice Points -Myeloma Related Renal Impairment

    In patients with renal impairment primary goal is improvement of Renal Function which is associated with improved treatment outcomes. 50% of patients present renal impairment and renal impairment is severe in 15% of patients.
    myeloma renal impairment key practice points
  • Breast Cancer8m 55s

    Understanding HER-2 Low Breast Cancer Entity & Treatment Strategy

    Tumors with a HER-2 immunohistochemistry (IHC) score of 1 + or 2 + and a negative molecular reflex test have been classified as HER2-low Breast Cancers.
    trastuzumab-deruxtecan (t-dxd) her2 low breast cancers
  • Breast Cancer3m 36s

    Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes as Predictive Biomarker in Breast Cancer

    Immune cells known as tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) are thought to be a promising, affordable biomarker with prognostic and predictive potential.
    tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (tils) promising biomarker
  • Multiple Myeloma7m 47s

    Exploring Optimal Duration of Lenalidomide Maintenance after ASCT

    Best evidence for Lenalidomide maintenance after ASCT came from Meta-analysis of 3 trials (McCarthy et al, JCO 207) confirmed significant OS benefit with Lenalidomide maintenance.
    lenalidomide maintenance myeloma xi duration of maintenance
  • Breast Cancer11m 28s

    ESR1 Mutation in Hormone Receptor Positive Advanced Breast Cancer

    ESR1 mutation leads to ligand independent activation of estrogen receptor. ESR1 mutations were first described in 1997 & their role remain underestimated as initial research was focused on primary tumor wherein these mutations were absent.
    aromatase inhibitor resistance hr +ve mbc esr1 mutation fulvestrant
  • Pharmacy33m 55s

    Practical application of Clinical Pharmacy

    Dr. Jordan Haag from Mayo Clinic provides update on Clinical Pharmacist in the ambulatory setting elaborating following aspects:
    clinical pharmacy practice medical reconciliation
  • For Pharmacist

    For Pharmacist

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