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Mieloma múltiple 7m 11s

Identifying High Risk Patients in Multiple Myeloma

Publicado11 Jul 2022
Clinical and molecular stratification should be considered for all NDDM patients & should be performed on purified bone marrow plasma cells. Revised international staging system has incorporated genetic abnormalities such as t (4;14) , t (14;16) , del (17p) along with 3 blood tests : measuring the level of β2M , LDH & Albumin. Some other risk factors for high-risk disease include number of lesions at diagnosis, extramedullary disease, plasma cell leukemia, circulating plasma cells. Special consideration should be given to patients with renal failure and frailty. T53 bi-allelic activation is an important genetic abnormality to consider.
genetic abnormalities high risk myeloma treatment

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